Welcome to Laser Logic Inc.

Laser Logic is a company dedicated to making your ideas a reality. We give our customers the ability to take the vision in their head and make it a physical object that can be used, sold, or just admired. All of our clients are treated as individuals and are never considered just another number. We want to create relationships with our customers and ensure their happiness with the finished product.

Laser Logic Inc. provides custom laser cutting, engraving and marking, and router cutting services.  Materials include:  wood, metal, plastic, granite, stone, leather. Sheet sizes up to 50 x 100 inches.

Laser cutting:

  • Instrument panels - Laser Logic Inc. can fabricate your aircraft instrument panel, from your design and drawing, or we can design draft and produce it to your specifications.
  • Clear plastic test panels can be cut to assure optimal fit and placement of instruments prior to cutting the final panel.
  • We also create instrument panels for boats and RV's.

Laser engraving:

  • Metal parts - for adding a logo to metal parts or marking with part or serial numbers.
  • Signs and name plates - Business signs of acrylic, Plexiglas, license plates, score boards, data plates
  • Promotional products - key fobs, business cards, license plates
  • White boards - Create your own white boards for scheduling, tracking, communication

We also provide router cutting and engraving.

The possibilities are defined only by the limitless ideas of our clients. We can create anything from high precision aviation instrument panels, to a custom sign that you want on the 18th hole of your golf course. We are here to commit to you.

We use the best of the best at Laser Logic. We have at your disposal the HSE100 52 series laser, The biggest laser cutting/engraving system Kern Laser's has to offer. Click Here To contact us with any questions.